Group Show: 15 Painters

From April 16-22nd Project Gallery will host a pop-up preview exhibition of standout artworks by 15 Toronto-based painters who are on the rise. Each artist has an upcoming solo or duo exhibition at the gallery in 2015/16.

These are committed and incredibly talented contemporary artists who each work with paint in a different way to create imaginative, precise, and evocative results. Navigating diverse subjects, themes, and styles – this will be a dynamic exhibition that reflects bold explorations in the contemporary aesthetics of paint through the works of 15 up-and-coming artists you should know about.

Participating Artists:

Richard Determann
Kevin Columbus
Jerry Campbell
Christina Mazzulla
Alex Sheriff
Alex Buchanan
Tessar Lo
Erin Loree
Lisa Johnson
Sara Pearson
Ted Zourntos
Brian Harvey
Colin Davis
Dominique Fung
Callen Schaub