FEBRUARY 9 - FEBRUARY 25, 2018 at 8eleven Gallery.

Exhibition text by Rosemary Flutur:

Tree roots dig into the ground as mirroring branches stretch into the air: the visible and concealed. Systems of connectivity simultaneously nourish each other.

When words fail, other ways to emote emerge to bridge universal experience and personal reality. In 8eleven’s main space, Jodoin-Eng coheres her visual language in a major installation. Using mirrored structures, light, plastic, metal, wood, drawings and digital processes she creates an immersive and psychic space. It stretches beyond its physical constraints, inverting and reflecting itself into infinitude. In the remaining rooms, Jodoin-Eng presents works that play with our intuitive recognition and organization of patterns, light, and dimension.

New symbols are intuitively recognized; they act as bridges between personal realities and universal experience. Understanding is grasped through perspective and representation. Patterns are named and organized instinctively — power cannot be held over that which is nameless.