Gentle Bodies.jpg

Robin Clason: Gentle Bodies

Opening Reception: Friday, August 25th 6-9pm Exhibition Dates: August 25 - Sept 3, 2017 Location: Project Studios, 184 Munro St. (back)

Gentle Bodies addresses the delicate nature of intimacy, sexuality, personal boundaries and where each individual sees themselves within these topics.

Robin Clason is a light-based installation artist. Primarily working with neon light sculptures, her work strives to create an alternative space and realm in which the viewer can see themselves exist and interact. Using mirrors, glass sheets, and plexiglass, her work creates confusing and beautiful worlds she invites the participant to step into.

Clason was trained and learned about neon as a material in New York City in 2014. Her work has been featured at various institutions and galleries including AGO's Massive Party, the Gardiner Museum's SMASH, and independent galleries in San Francisco and Toronto. She will be part an upcoming show at Los Angeles at the Museum of Neon Art in September in a group show of all female neon artists.