Erin Loree: Grit/sheen

Opening Reception: October 1st, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: October 1 – 14, 2015

Erin Loree works intuitively and expressively with oil paint on canvas and panel, combining smooth gradients with thick visceral marks. Her work alludes to human or ghostlike forms, abstract landscapes, and natural phenomena. An emphasis on mark-making and gesture can be seen in her high chroma, abstract compositions. Loree uses the process of painting to explore and investigate themes of transformation, impermanence, and duality.

Primarily concerned with the inner world of the individual, the work in GRIT/SHEEN attempts to shine light on the deep recesses of the human spirit, acknowledging the coexistence of light and dark within human consciousness. Loree expresses this duality by creating visual tension through her use of both harmonious and dissonant colour combinations, by contrasting thick textured areas with smooth and diffused gradients of colour, and by balancing organic and expressive forms with hardedge strokes and excavations. The result is work that embodies these dualities and is simultaneously beautiful and gritty, light and heavy, ephemeral and solid.

In this body of work, Loree continues to explore the dynamic relationship between intention and chance while focusing on the process of discovery. She works without references and allows each mark to dictate the next, which results in a series of risk-taking and problem-solving moments. She actively attempts to diminish any preconceived ideas of what the painting should become and encourages change and evolution throughout the process. Struggles and triumphs are evident as the viewer becomes acutely aware of artist's process and sense of being present during the creation of each piece. Each painting is limitless in terms of its potential to become what it needs to in any given moment. As a result, her works don't follow prescribed formulae of conventional painting, but instead continuously test and expand the possibilities by which a painting can unfold and be experienced.

*The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council for this exhibition