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THE IMMACULATE SELFIE exhibition explores and celebrates the narcissism and process of self-understanding associated with engagement in contemporary art. The exhibition will feature a variety of immaculate contemporary self-portraits, or ‘selfies’, by and of contemporary Canadian artists.

This exhibition is curated by Devan Patel (co-director of Project Gallery) and will be on display at the Black Cat Gallery (2186 Dundas St W) from September 25th – October 3rd 2014. There will be an Opening Reception on Thursday Sept 25th from 7-11pm, and a Closing Reception on Friday October 3rd from 7-11pm.

The processes of creating and interpreting contemporary artwork essentially involves an element of unconscious and often narcissistic self expression, reflection and projection. Perhaps much of the value of the artistic process is the ability to beautifully convey personal sentiments, feelings or experiences subtly, and for viewers to experience their own perceptions, conceptions and meanings of what they see, based on their own unique viewpoint and beliefs. The Immaculate Selfie show is an artful celebration of this explicit process, as well as a stimulating visual puzzle of finding an artist in their own artwork.

Featuring Artworks by:

Daniel Anaka
Jorge Ayala
Sebastian Benitez
Stella Cade
Chen Cao
Alex Dabic
Colin Davis
Evelisa Genova
Maya Fuhr
Richard Gilliland
Laura Heaney
Denelle Kennedy
Kimberley Lillywhite
Lukas Mouka
Phuong Nguyen
Komi Olaf
Faith Patrick
Callen Schaub
Shawn Skeir
Ann Somers
Sarah Varnam
Vanessa Walsh
Matt Waples