Noah Brown: Inna Di Morrows

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17th 6-9pm Exhibition Dates: January 17-February 16 2019 Location: Project Gallery, 1210 Dundas St E

Project Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Noah Brown running concurrently with Yung Yemi at our Dundas gallery.

Artist Statement:

"I create imagery through an interconnecting of fiber, my use of material and technique referencing both of my ethnic backgrounds. My dry-felted tapestries explore the harsh conditions of limited space that people of colour endure throughout experiences of oppression. This racially biased confinement runs continuously in our society. A result of such organized division has people growing up normalized to class-housing and prison.

This work claims justice against the imbalance of under-represented visual depictions of minority identities and fights the onslaught of depictions of radicalized people through the ongoing cycle of youth assuming tired and damaging stereotypes.

My self-portrait reflects on the need to question my ability to attain full potential when choosing not to ascribe to preconceived notions of identity. Another tapestry depicts a sitting person in a moment of reflection, their image immortalized without a face, without an individual’s identity."

Noah J. Brown is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and curator. During his high school years, his talent was fostered at the Etobicoke School of Arts. Brown has exhibited at the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo, Art Gallery of Guelph and Project Studios. His work explores challenges of social frameworks resulting from cultural stereotyping and long-lasting historical trauma of slavery. Identifying as androgynous, he expresses vulnerability by choosing mediums such as the jewelry, large dry-felted tapestries, and porcelain sculpture. His intellectual subject matter has led to guest lectures at the University of Toronto, OCAD, and Roncesvalles United Church. Brown is currently studying at New York’s Cooper Union.