Opening Reception: Thursday, November 1st, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: November 1 – 24, 2018
Location: Project Gallery, 1210 Dundas Street East

Project Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work from Dominique Fung at our Dundas location running concurrently with Alex Sheriff’s ‘Bloo Planet.’

“The intention of this new body of work is to subvert the fantasy of “orientalism.” Painting culturally significant objects, I reclaim the space once inhabited by false narratives as my own. These paintings have a magical, bulbous, slick-glazed feel and often evokes a world of genteel pleasure. The creamy and sensual painted female figures, baths, fine china, ‘oriental’ rugs, and food coexist in a strange, multilayered space. This work intends to “poke fun” and re-frame the colonialist male artwork, enabling my work to dismantle the hugely damaging fantasies and narratives encoded into historical paintings around the idea of eroticism, exoticism and the unknown. My paintings of women in these meditative spaces who were once portrayed as merely exotic toys have reclaimed their own representation. Each painting is an individual meditation in which I examine specific and relevant ideas around the deconstruction of the orientalist mythology, identity and the sexualization of the female form. I create voyeuristic moments in my paintings to question my own portrayal and your perception.”

Dominique Fung, b. 1987, Ottawa, Canada is a Canadian emerging artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY.  She received a BAA from Sheridan College Institute of Technology in Toronto, Canada. Fung’s paintings have been exhibited at  Virginia Museum of Modern Art ( Virginia, USA), Project Gallery ( Toronto, Canada) and Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum ( Washington DC, USA).