Tessar Lo: no more doubts, no more fears,

 *The exhibition has an extended viewing at our studio location from October 2-22nd, 
*Studio-Gallery Opening Reception: Friday Oct 2nd 6-9pm
*Studio-Gallery Exhibition Dates:  Oct 2 -22, 2015 (at 184 Munro St. by appointment)


Gallery Opening Reception: Thursday Sept 10th 6-10pm
Gallery Closing Reception: Sunday Sept 27th 5-9pm
Gallery Exhibition Dates: Sept 10 – 30, 2015

From September 10-30th 2015, artist Tessar Lo will inhabit Project Gallery for his exhibition ‘no more doubts, no more fears,’. Transforming the gallery space into a temporary working studio and home, Lo works to achieve an immersive and free stream-of-thought mode of creating, in hopes of revealing an essence of ideation and revelation through both successful and failing attempts at making intention visible.

Sharing his artistic process with complete transparency, Lo aims to integrate and display a new level of vulnerability, creative power, and genuine expression through this exhibition. Regularly creating works on paper and canvas, as well as affecting the space through installation as well as his presence and process, Lo demonstrates how the act of creating can be an ambition, expression, and even a step towards a more abstract ideal or feeling of betterment.

Tessar Lo creates bold works driven by otherworldly, but perhaps also autobiographical narratives that explore themes of time, identity, mysticism, innocence, transformation, symbology and abstraction. Through raw and expressive forms, figures, and environments Tessar creates dream-like atmospheres where different contemporary, historic, and fictional cultures find convergence. Lo’s artist practice emphasizes process and the importance of discovery, regularly innovating his use of media and artwork format while maintaining potent recurring themes, symbols, and a clearly unique aesthetic.

Lo studied illustration at Sheridan College, and has been exhibited in group exhibition in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.