Opening Reception: Friday, October 12th, 7-9pm
Exhibition Dates: October 12 - November 18, 2018
Location: Project Studios 184 Munro Street (rear)

Project Studios is pleased to host a unique exhibition curated by Tessar Lo featuring works by artists in media that is atypical to their practise.

have you ever gone about your routine (maybe routine of non-routine) and thought,
“am i me?”
have you ever done or tried something you’ve never done before and thought,
“ah! so this is me, (?)”
side piece, is a group show that asks artists to present a work that may aesthetically or thematically fall outside their more focused, noted methods of working- side piece, is a small, humorous gathering of diverse curiosity that may have inspired, are a remnant of or were made directly opposed to larger creative motives-
this gathering is meant to ask why things exist, why these notions were necessary (if at all?), how they manifest, and how they contribute to thinking and feeling moving forward.

- Tessar Lo

Participating Artists:

Ness Lee
Kendra Yee
Alex McLeod (c/o Division Gallery)
Tessar Lo
Paddy Leung
Winnie Truong (c/o Erin Stump Projects)
Kisung Koh
Paul Butler (c/o Division Gallery)
Alex Sheriff
Callum Schuster