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 Jean-Luc Lindsay: Spaces of Passage

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5th 6-9pm Exhibition Dates: October 5 - November 5, 2017 Location: Project Studios (184 Munro St - rear)

Project Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of new paintings by Jean-Luc Lindsay.

"Observe the street, from time to time, with some concern for system perhaps. Apply yourself. Take your time. Note down the place [...] Note down what you see. Anything worthy of note going on. Do you see what’s worthy of note? Is there anything that strikes you? Nothing strikes you. You don’t know how to see. You must set about it more slowly, almost stupidly. Force yourself to write down what is of no interest, what is most obvious, most common, most colourless."

-Georges Perec, 'The Street.' Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

'Spaces of Passage' collects the idiosyncrasies of an individual quotidian. A procession through those surroundings that we occupy and move through with familiarity and frequency, the paintings are selections borrowed from the ambient sidelines of travel and passage. Doubly informed by the immediate activity of photographic notation, and its protracted scrutiny in the studio, the work has evolved through a cycle that bleeds across its documentation and study. Instances of intuitive notation couple with a sensation of uncanny recognition; the result is an attempted synthesis: paintings of things that are ostensibly like paintings. The doors, windows, and walls, that appear and repeat are permeable aggregates of their time and place, manifestations of their environments both as physical passageways and interstices, as well as congregate records of an indeterminate state of construction or demolition. Collectively, they are a selection of relative peripheries - those surroundings that bear witness to our tenancy within and around them, the details and detritus that collect in the intervals of our situation.