Alex Sheriff: These Peoples

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 15th, 5-9pm
Exhibition Dates: August 15 - 26, 2015

Alex Sheriff is creating new worlds. They are thick jungles, ocean bottoms, deep space, and other places unexplored where there still exists the potential for new ways of being.

Using the familiar language of our own planet, Sheriff fills his worlds with peculiar animals, plants, people, geology and then blends these categories. These worlds where all matter is equal can only be expressed through the language of abstraction. The inhabitants and their surroundings are as malleable as wet paint. They cannot be exactly described by science and therefore can only be understood through mythology.

These Peoples tells the stories of a fictional society. Dreamy narratives displayed through painting, collage and video portray an image of a group of beings existing in a way that is foreign to us, but strangely relatable.