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March 1 - 31, 2019

The inaugural group show of PATEL Gallery features 10 artists. These distinct Canadian artists work with paint and other media to conjure images, objects, and impressions of created symbols, cultures, and environments that express unique meaning and perspective. Be transported to a different world and engage in these rich narratives by simply experiencing these works and the narratives and perspectives that arise within us.


Kim Dorland
Dominique Fung
Camille Jodoin-Eng
Kent Monkman
Ness Lee
Sarah Letovsky
Tessar Lo
Rajni Perera
Alex Sheriff
Nep Sidhu

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Effloresce: Brett despotevich

March 20-27 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday March 20th 7-9pm

Beginning with a field recording (South Frontenac, Ontario, spring 2018) the exhibition will facilitate an evolving ambient soundscape that will develop and bloom over the course of the exhibition. This ever changing audio work will be accompanied by drawings based in diagrammatic imagery of growth and symmetry on coated aluminum and incision drawings on mirror mylar. The soundscape will be available to listen to within the exhibition space, as well as through:

Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1982, Despotovich studied at OCADU (2001-05), followed by his involvement with the production of FLicKeR, a multi-award winning feature-length NFB/BRAVO! documentary directed by Nik Sheehan. His debut solo exhibition (the fall) was reviewed by Benjamin Bruneau for Magenta Magazine, and he has work held in private collections in Europe, the United States, and Canada, notably the BMO Corporate Art Collection and the Sobey Collection. ‘Effloresce’ is Despotovich’s second exhibition with the gallery, following up from ‘Chordata’ in 2016.