Exhibition Dates: October 18th-December 31st

Location: 184 Munro St E (Rear) By appointment only

Patel Gallery is please to announce ‘Something’ an evolving exhibition of works from private collections on view by appointment from Oct 19 until Dec 31 at our newly renovated location at 184 Munro St E. The first iteration of the show will include works by notable Canadian artists like Marcel Dzama and David Altmejd. This exhibition is born out of a drive to celebrate our faculty of attention and its ability to meaningfully navigate the vast unknown expanses that art inhabits and provides access to; as well as share reverence for the object nature of the art we get to sense, enjoy and be affected by.

Amongst all the possibilities of everything an artist can make and what one can experience and interpret from a work; something strikes us as a viewer, and we are confronted with feelings through an unfamiliar reflection of self. In turn, paying attention allows us to discover, unpack and make meaning - a powerful and creative process that can contribute to personal development and the further realization of the work itself. In consideration of this and an interest in cultivating a secondary market in Canada and for Canadian Art, the selection of works presented are exclusively from private collections. Focusing on the energetic and attentional implications of the secondary market, the life an artwork takes on, the exhibition interrogates the intersection and overlap of varying viewpoints - from the artists that created it, the collectors that have experienced and owned the work and the public that views them.



Opening Reception: Thursday, September 19th from 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: Sept. 19 - Nov. 2 2019
Location: Patel Division Projects : 45 Ernest Ave

Patel Gallery is pleased to announce Rajni Perera's solo exhibition 'Traveller' opening September 19th at 6:00pm. This will be the inaugural exhibition at the newly announced Patel x Division Projects, a partnership between Division Montreal and Patel Gallery at 45 Ernest Ave. The exhibition will build upon Perera's Traveller series, the exhibition takes place in a future that could be now or may have already happened - speaking directly to issues of sovereignty, belonging, identity and personhood. As times of scarcity loom large, and as nation states push and pull on its citizenry, we see the diasporic person become the focus of the future.

The Traveller is protected by way of ancestral armor developed for body and spirit, and adapted to fit behaviours of care and nourishment, while facing the dangers of off-world commute, inhospitable terrain, and territorial dispute.These vestments have been produced slowly, in some cases over the course of many centuries.

The Traveller has mutated into an optimal evolutionary state, like the flowers of Fukushima, emerging beautifully while dying in some ways and being reborn in others. Their mythologies join hands and worlds through bloodlines, through warp and weft, all the way through to the place where the formerly displaced are presently powerful, safe, protected and flourishing. It is an ancient and boundless state to which they have returned, many millennia ahead of and behind us.

Perera's work actively engages in discussion with the viewing audience about the aesthetic treatment of gender and the non-European sacred and secular body in a popular culture context - acting as a restorative force through which people can move out of repressive modes of being and towards reclaiming their power. Her work has been featured in the Art Gallery of York University (Toronto ON), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto ON), and Art Fairs such as Art Toronto and Art Dubai. She lives and works in Toronto.

Text by Rajni Perera and Negarra Kudumu

NessLee_22.5x28_foldingin - no text_IGsize.jpg

‘Folding in’,

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12
Exhibition Dates: September 12 - October 20, 2019
Location: Patel Gallery : 1151 Queen St E

to fold, to be folding
folded often
the amount of creases felt
you almost become like tissue
delicate durability
i feel resiliently frail

to bend enough to see myself and what matters
creases of frequency
my hinges are sheer
unseen but felt
what it means to unbecome

want to let go
want to be held
through enough
only too often
break the fold to let life touch you
giving into the resistance to open
surrendering to grow
to bend further than you
to open only to wish you have closed
but to open is to exist”

- Ness Lee

'Folding In' is an exhibition on what it means to un-become; a process of folding and unfolding. How does one surrender, give in, and let go in order to heal, to flow as a being of ever growing change, to allow each moment to come as a visitor and embrace experience. Lee's intimate and lush figures share the fundamental need for love - to be held, cared for and seen in a life that is often lived alone - their existence born out of a tension to exist for others while simultaneously existing for themselves.

Ness Lee draws upon history and personal narratives to create tender and surreal illustrations, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Exploring states of mind during incomprehensible stages of vulnerability, Lee’s work takes form as an effort in seeking comfort, forgiveness and desire for an end of a self-perpetuated state. Her work has been featured at the AGO First Thursdays, Drake Hotel, Art Toronto, the Tokyo Art Book Fair, as well as galleries in Boston, New York, and Toronto.