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March 1 - 31, 2019

The inaugural group show of PATEL Gallery features 10 artists. These distinct Canadian artists work with paint and other media to conjure images, objects, and impressions of created symbols, cultures, and environments that express unique meaning and perspective. Be transported to a different world and engage in these rich narratives by simply experiencing these works and the narratives and perspectives that arise within us.


Kim Dorland
Dominique Fung
Camille Jodoin-Eng
Kent Monkman
Ness Lee
Sarah Letovsky
Tessar Lo
Rajni Perera
Alex Sheriff
Nep Sidhu

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He Planted a Garden in the night sky - Luke Van H

Feb 1 - March 10, 2019

Luke Van H’s practice involves reconfigurations and transformations of a variety of stock images, screenshots of online videos, free 3D models and other Internet detritus. This recombinant strategy, further catalyzed through the use of Photoshop, finds synthesis in works that inhabit both the physical and digital space. The intention of the process is to capture the essence of and materialize digital drawings, with the works functioning as a fulcrum between the two antagonizing worlds.

The paintings are produced in a series of meticulous, sequential steps, using the digital drawing as a map. Thus the object becomes a duplicate of its digital originator. Spawned from a digital plan. Shut out from its other pixelated half. Subjected to the deterioration of time and space.

Luke van H is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Toronto. Their current practice systematizes the painting process, creating delineations between image/idea generation and labour. The integration and separation of technology from everyday life is an ongoing interest in their work. Van H was the 2018 recipient of the OCAD Project 31 Drawing and Painting Award and the 2017 recipient of the OCAD’s Takao Tanabe Scholarship.